Labour Advice

• Planning of unlimited consultations about any labour issues.

Registration of companies and employees in the general regime of the Social Security and special regimes.

• Advice, studies, preparation and legalisation of all kinds of work contracts, with special attention paid to bonuses and subsidies.

• Calculation and preparation of pay slips and y TC/1, TC/2.

• Calculation and preparation of quarterly IRPF settlements, annual summary and issuing of employee earning certificates.

• Advice and defence in terms of sanctions, strikes and redundancies.

• Negotiation and participation in agreements and collective disputes.

• Professional assistance before a work inspection, CMAC, or Labour Court.

• Advice and processing of labour force adjustment plans (staff downsizing, reduction in hours, suspension of contracts, etc.).

• Processing of unemployment, retirement, widows, orphans, disability benefits, etc.

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