The Mergers and Acquisitions Advice (Corporate Finance, CF) Team at Global Consulting Barcelona provides clients with advice in a range of CF operations: business purchase processes, financial investment advice, financial partner searches for all kinds of companies, management team advice during leveraged operations (management buy-outs, management buy-ins, secondary buy-outs…), search for financing, the preparation of business plans, and strategic and financial advice. They also provide other CF services such as:

• Mergers and acquisitions.

• Private Equity.

• Strategic and financial advice.

• Search for financing and financial structuring (fund raising).

• Assessment: opinions of independent value. Company assessment. Fiscal evaluation.

• Economics: economic and financial analysis. Transaction advice.
Investment and use of capital decision making assistance. Strategic development and validation.

• Corporate and project finance.

• Diagnosis of the financial situation.

• Search for investors for the development of projects.

• Project refinance.

• Reviews of financial models and business plans.

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